Randy's House of Games Warhammer Fantasy League Rules

Warhammer Painting Escalation League: 1000 to 2250 points.

1: Introduce new players to Warhammer Fantasy through a series of 6 games against various
2: Help motivate existing players to paint their army or start a new army.
3: Have fun in playing 6 rounds of unique battles that escalate in points each week.

1: Have fun, so no rules lawyering, bickering, whining, or poor attitude.
2: This league is about learning and being a good opponent, not winning. Help your opponents with
tactics, give helpful, constructive advice when asked, and keep comments of “that’s over powered” or
“that’s cheesy” to a minimum. You will be scored on sportsmanship, I hope everyone gets a max score.
3: All lists and items are to be above board. Period. Be good about explaining the strengths and
weaknesses of your army, what magic items do, special abilities, or army specific rules.
4. All lists are to meet the composition requirements set out in the rules. This is to encourage friendly
and enjoyable games without death star units and points denial tactics.

Additional Info: If you want to enter the league, understand it will be a 7 week commitment to coming every league night by 6:00 to play in the league.  Players are not required to show up for every league night, and can arrange another time to play their game with their scheduled opponent, but are strongly encouraged to participate on league nights.  Point sizes will be kept low enough to encourage fast paced games.  The first half of the league will pair experienced players and inexperienced players to help the newer player learn the rules and tactics of the game.  Entry to the league is $10 paid to Randy’s House of Games, and will be due before the first game is played.
While new players are encouraged to join, veteran players are welcomed also to help with both game play and hobby aspects such as painting and modeling.  
League Scoring: Generalship, Sportsmanship, and Painting

SportsmanshipVery important!  After each game your opponent will rate you on a scale of 0 to 5.   Despite there being comp in place to encourage fun games, sometimes playing will not be an enjoyable experience if you find you are arguing over rules, your opponent is gaming the rules in their favor, or the attitude and behavior of your opponent is upsetting.  Do not take your luck or your opponents luck into consideration, sometimes you just have a bad day, roll with the punches.  Your sportsmanship total will also determine if you are welcome in future events, so play nice.  Total points possible: 30.

Generalship -- Each game played will be worth 5 points for a solid victory, 4 points for a minor victory, 3 points for a draw, 2 points for a minor loss, and 1 point for a major loss.  Total points possible: 30.

10% Difference in points = Draw

10-25% Difference in points = Minor Victory/Minor Loss
25%+ Difference in points = Solid Victory/Major LossPaintingPaint will be scored for each game, worth up to 5 points per game and will have a prize separate from the overall league prize.  Paint will be judged by your opponent at the same time as your sportsmanship.   All models must be assembled in order to play.  Models with the appropriate weapons modeled for the unit are required for the first 2 ranks.  Unit champions, standard bearers, and musicians must be modeled.  Paint should be scored as follows; 5 - All models are painted, based, and there is a consistent theme across the entire army; 4 - Most of the models are painted, based, and there is consistent theme across most of the army; 3 - At least half of the models are painted, the paint theme suggests that the owner of the army painted it; 2 - Some of the models are painted; 1 - models are assembled and on bases.  Total points possible: 30.

All league scores will be turned in by each player after each game, and the results will be posted after
the league is over, and all instances of sportsmanship and paint judging will be kept confidential unless a player would like to share with their opponent how they rated them.
PrizesThe prize for best general will be $50 in store credit split evenly in the event of a tie.
The prize for best overall(combined sportsmanship, paint, and generalship) will be $50 in store credit split evenly if there is a tie.
The prize for best paint will be $30, split evenly in the event of a tie.
The prize for the person with the lowest generalship and paint combined score will be a new paintbrush, a new brick of dice, and a new tape measure.


January 20 – Kickoff Q & A and comp discussion

February 3 – 1000 point game, registration money due

February 7 -- Terrain day at Randy’s, help paint and assemble terrain

February 10 – 1250 point game

February 17 – 1500 point game
February 24 – Week set aside for make-up games
February 28 -- Painting Marathon from 12 pm to 10 pm
March 3 – 1750 point game
March 10 – 2000 point game
March 14 -- Mini-game event (details to be posted later)
March 17 – 2250 point game
March 28 – 2500 point tournament, league players get 50% off entry fee.

Perks -- League players will receive a discount of 10% on all warhammer purchases while the league is going as long as they are an active participant in the league (no outstanding games, show up on league night, etc.)

General Composition Rules

1.   There will not be any lists from any of the End Times series of books or Storm of Magic allowed.  Additionally, the army requirements are going to be the same as a traditional 8th edition army list, with no more than 25% for Lords, Heroes, and Rare, compulsory 25% in Core, and up to 50% in special
2. Models with shooting attacks with a range greater than or equal to 18” are limited to the number
of models based on the size of the game being played below. Limits exclude war machines, chariots,
weapons teams, and monstrous creatures.
Game Size      Model limit
1000-1499          20 (35 for wood elves)
1500-1999          30 (50 for wood elves)
2000+                 40 (65 for wood elves)

3. Units with flying models will be limited to the following:
Game Size        Unit limit
1000-1499              1 Flyer
1500-1999              2 Flyers
2000+                     3 Flyers

4. Unit point size restrictions will follow the below levels for each game. The total cost cap per unit will include the points spent on command group models, magic items, and upgrades. It will exclude the cost of detachments, weapons teams, and lord or hero characters attached to the unit attached to the unit during game play.
Game Size         Point Limit per unit
1000-1499               250 max points
1500-1999               325 max points
2000+                      400 max points

5. Named characters are restricted to games of 2000+ points. Only one named lord and one named hero are allowed per army at this level.

6. Only one Lord or Hero per army may be taken with the Loremaster special rule.

7. The number of independent character models will follow the restrictions below.
Game Size         Model limit
1000-1499               1 Lord & up to 2 Heroes
1500-1999               1 Lord & up to 3 Heroes
2000+                      Unlimited

8. Rare and Special units will have the following restrictions for the point limits.
Game Size                     Special Units                           Rare Units
1000-1499         2 (All special are 0-1 choice)                     1
1500-1999         4 (All special are 0-2 choice)                     2 (All rare are 0-1 choice)
2000+                            Unlimited                                       3 (All rare are 0-2 choice)

9. Magic Restrictions: Beyond winds of magic and channeling, no army may generate more than 2 extra power dice or dispel dice per player turn. If an army has the ability to steal power dice, it can only add 2 of those power dice to the dispel dice pool, all other stolen dice are discarded.

10. War machines are limited to the following number per army at the given points level.
Game Size            Model limit
1000-1499              Up to 2
1500-1999              Up to 3
2000+                     Up to 4

11. Only 2 wizards per army may choose from the same lore of magic. This does not extend to non-
hero or non-lord units that come with the ability to cast magic. Vampire Counts are exempt from this

12. Monstrous creatures are limited to the following number per army at the points level played.
Monstrous beasts, flyers, and mounts count toward the total taken, but monstrous infantry does not.
For units of monstrous beasts, flyers, or mounts, the wound limit is per model within the unit.
Game Size                      Model/Unit limit
1000-1499                      1; 5 wounds or less
1500-1999                      1 with 6 wounds; 2 with 5 wounds or less
2000+                             2 with 6 wounds; Unlimited with 5 or less

13. Armies are required to take the minimum number of core units at a given points level.
Game Size                  Core Units Required
1000-1499                        2 or more
1500-1999                        3 or more
2000+                               4 or more