2015 Winter League Schedule

Below is the schedule for the league.  Remember to contact your opponent ahead of time if you require a reschedule.

February 3, Game 1; 1000 pts: Scenario: Battle line
Stephen VS Will
Chris VS Dave
Randy VS James
Daniel VS April
Martin VS Ian
Joel VS Drew

February 7, Terrain Day at Randy's House of Games

February 10, Game 2; 1250 pts: Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Stephen VS April
Chris VS James
Joel VS Randy
Drew VS Martin
Daniel VS Will
Ian VS Dave

February 17, Game 3; 1500 pts: Scenario: Dawn Attack
Stephen VS Ian
Chris VS Joel
Daniel VS Randy
Dave VS James
Will VS Martin

February 28, noon to 10 pm painting marathon

March 3, Game 4; 1750 pts: Scenario: Battle for the Pass
Stephen VS James
Chris VS Martin
Randy VS Dave
Ian VS Will
Daniel VS Joel

March 10, Game 5; 2000 pts: Scenario: Watchtower: whoever holds the watchtower gains an extra 400 victory points
Daniel VS Stephen
Will VS Chris
Randy VS Martin
James VS Ian
Dave VS Joel

March 14, beginning at noon, Warhammer Multiplayer Game

March 17, Game 6; 2250 pts: Blood and Glory: Play a full 6 turn games, but if you break the opponents fortitude, you earn 450 additional victory points.
Dave VS Stephen
Randy VS Chris
Ian VS Daniel
Martin VS James
Will VS Joel

March 28th, beginning at 10:00 am, 2,500 point tournament, 3 rounds.

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