Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend painting and new goodies

So this weekend I got in a decent amount of time and polished off a couple of things for my Skaven army.  First up were the gutter runners I've been painting for a long time (close to a year probably) but they kept getting shelved in favor of other projects or commission work.  Hating to see something half painted I decided to push them up on the priority list and here they are...

After that I decided to finish another half painted model, though I at least just started it at the beginning of February to use in the warhammer league at the local games store.  It's the plague priest from the screaming bell/plague furnace kit that I mounted on foot to use since when I put together the screaming bell he was left over.  Certainly cool enough to go on foot, and waste not, want not.

Lastly, every year the wife and I set aside a bit of money from our tax return to spend on ourselves as a little reward.  So  from my half of the money I bought two paint pots I've needed and this...

It's good to be me today.  Even if the dark elves kicked my sorry dwarf arse between my shoulders this afternoon.

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