Thursday, March 20, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy League Round 6

So over the last 6 weeks we had seen some pretty fierce match ups, lucky rolls, close calls, and incredible heroics from our armies.  Round six continued that action with 2,250 points to cap off the six round league.  

Here Martin and his vampire counts face off against Chris and his high elves.

For the final game Chris decided to bring a dragon to face the undead horde.

Peter with his chaos warriors face the might of the forest as Joel summons forth treemen, tree kin, and dryads to attack the watchtower of the warriors with his wood elves.  

Calvin's Lizardmen are a bit out of their element in the frozen wastes as they seek after James and the dwarfs.

Katie's dark elf host battles Ian's dark elves for control if a remote mountain pass.

Daniel and his dark elves sought battle with Stephen and his skaven in another battle for the pass.

Early on the doomwheel shoots forward only to be laid low by the dark elves before inflicting any wounds.

On the opposite side the hell pit abomination came into its own destroying a hydra, both thrower, and a manticore and it's lord rider.

I will be posting the results of the league once thy have been tallied and rewards will be handed out at a date to be determined.

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