Friday, March 7, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy League Round 4

We had 3 of the games scheduled for 1750 battles happen on Wednesday with plenty of bloody conflict to go around.  

Stephen and Joel had a heated and bloody battle with nearly every unit from both armies engaging in brutal hand to hand combat at some point.  In the end many rats and elves died, and there was plenty of learning about the rules as strange and unusual situations came up.  In the end, the brave giant rats were killed, but not before slaying plenty of war dancers!

Katie and Martin dueled out with their dark elves and vampire counts respectively in another brutal battle.

Calvin and Daniel fought lizardmen to dark elf in what looked to be a violent contest.

James and the dwarfs face Ian and the dark elves in a battle for glory!  

A contest of might, the hydra versus the dwarf lord and his unit of hammerers.

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