Saturday, March 22, 2014

Iron Lords Commission Finished

My Iron Lords Commission finished.  I painted everything aside from the droppod and the predator tank, those were thrown in by the owner of the army.  It took a little more than 4 months of painting in my spare time, but the army looks fantastic if I do say so myself. 
You can see how I painted the marines in the tutorial here. 
From what I remember, the final count was:
1 Space Marine Captain
1 Space Marine Chaplain
5 Sternguard
5 Assualt Marines with jump packs
5 Assualt Marines without jump packs
30 Tactical Marines with 4 Sergeants
11 Devastator Marines
3 Dreadnoughts with full all alternative arms painted
If you are interested in having something painted on commission please email me here.  I can't promise a fast turn around or master level painting, but I enjoy the process and can get you a decent tabletop paintjob.

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