Friday, February 21, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy League Round 3

So you may be wondering what happened to round 2?  Well....I forgot to take pictures, and a few of the games were delayed due to scheduling conflicts, so there probably won't be any pictures.

On to round 3!  Once again hosted by Olde World Games in Elk Grove, league players met this time with 1500 point armies, which is the 3 of the 6 game series.  Below we have Calvin and Peter facing off with Lizardment and Warriors of Chaos respectively,dueling for what looks to be king of the hill.

Daniel and James face off in a Dark Elves versus Dwarfs battle, the stunties doing their best to repell the invading slavers.

Chris with his High Elves faces against Katie and her Dark Elf force for a true battle of elven supremecy!

Joel uses his Wood Elves to face Ian's Dark Elves, and it appears to be a battle for some remote pass, so both armies are likely feeling a tad out of place.

Martin and I faced off with his Vampire Counts army giving my Skaven a good thrashing!  Congrats to Martin for killing my general and taking my battle standard bearer which made a huge difference at the end of the game.

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