Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Dwarf Hammerers and Longbeards

Well, I have to admit, it's not what I had been hoping for, but still pretty darn good.  I was hoping that the combined box kit would have the bits for hammerers and ironbreakers, which to me are two of the best units in the game.  I do love the look of the new hammerers, which sorely needed an update from the very static version from the late 1990's.  I put in my pre-order for the kit, which hurt a bit at $50 for only 10 models (a whopping $5 per model, but alas, this is the way of things kids.
Whilst I'm not thrilled about the prices, there are some other things that have me a bit concerned when I look at the GW website.  For instance the box that I'm sure hasn't changed a single iota for the dwarf warriors used to also double as the longbeards, though I still prefer the old metal longbeards for the length and detail of the beards. 
Additionally, the Quarrelers/Thunderers box set is now listed in both the core and rare?  Hmmm, so will Quarrellers be core and Thunderers be rare?  I certainly hope it's the other way around, but it would also cut down on the amount of Thunderers you could take in an average gunline. 
Also, I believe it's to keep with the way the units are in the game now, but the Hammerers and Longbeards are split between core and special, but until the rule book comes out who knows.  The gyrocopter is also missing from the rares, and the iron breakers from the specials.  I really hope that GW doesn't decide to get rid of the iron breakers, they were a very nice, fluffy, heavy infantry that the dwarfs needed.
The new dwarf lord Belegar Ironhammer, while being a sweet looking plastic model, tips the scales at a gross 305 points.  Granted, he's kitted out to be a whirling machine of armored death, but it's still hard to swallow a pill that size for a character.  I'll likely end up purchasing the models for use as a run of the mill lord if they decide to get rid of or nerf the lord on shield bearers which when equipped propperly is like a chicken bone in the throat of your opponent.

I love the dwarfs, and this will be the 3rd iteration that I've played them, along with being the 3rd edition of warhammer that I will have enjoyed playing them in.  Hopefully I'm not disappointed in what GW has done with the new rules once I get my greedy hands on the book.

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