Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dwarf Hammerers Unboxed

I got my first box of the new dwarf hammerers this Saturday and promptly got them opened up to have a looksee at what my $50 had bought me.  The first look at the sprue was promising, lots of nicely detailed bits.
I then got busy assembling the legs and torsos which was a simple front and back glue up.  4 of the 10 torsos are different and you need to match up the pieces following the instructions.  Those 4 went together really nice and easy with not much evidence of seams or mold lines.
The other 6, unfortunately didn't go together so nicely.  There is a large seam on each one that had me thinking that the money I spent was going to be wasted.
Fortunately after that I went to work putting together a gatekeeper and 9 other hammerers, and was pleased with how they went together following the instructions.  To line up the arms for the great hammers I put glue on the right arm and got it alligned with the left arm and hammer shaft and then let the plastic glue set.  This made putting the left arm on a lot easier and the wrist joints lined up nice and tight. 
After all was done I was pleased with the results, and these hammerers will make a great addition to the army once I figure out a paint scheme to blend them into my existing hammerers.
I will post more once I get started painting.

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