Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A look back, and a look forward...

2013 in review
Looking back, I've gotten a lot accomplished in 2013 game wise.  There were some pauses and breaks, mostly due to family stuff and work, but I've gotten a lot of gaming in, and also had a chance to do a great deal of painting.  The total model count comes in close to 200 models this year, mostly due to bringing the skaven up to a painted playable 3000 points.  I will be keeping better track of my modeling and painting during the next year using my kanbanflow board, but here is what I know I did in the last year:

Big stuff:

Forgeworld Ork Squiggoth
Imperial Guard Vendetta
Imperial Guard Griffon
Imperial Guard Hydra
Skaven Hell Pit Abomination
Skaven Doom Wheel
Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon
Skaven Screaming Bell
High Elf Griffon
2 Space Marine Dreadnoughts

Smaller Stuff:
20 Plague Monks
80 Clanrats
10 Gutter Runners
10 Giant Rats
2 Rat Ogres
5 Skaven Weapon teams
1 Grey Seer
5 Sternguard
1 Space Marine Captain
31 Tactical Marines
5 Devastator Marines
1 Space Marine Chaplain
5 Ork Nobs
1 Ork Warboss
1 Space marine librarian

What's coming in 2014...
So I've still got some space marines to finish for the commission I took on back in October, and I'll hopefully be able to carve out some time for that in the next month, though work is going to be keeping me rather busy.  I've just got another 20 or so models to get that project under wraps, but it shouldn't be too darn difficult, and I may end up picking up a few more commission from the same guy.

I've started my high elf army, which will include a lot of bigger models as well, mostly along the line of skycutter chariots, eagles, and a phoenix, but also a number of foot troops and characters as well.  Before I get too embroiled in that, I've picked up a plague furnace that I need to get unboxed and on the table, along with another 20 or so plague monks to give the unit some decent size.  I've also had some storm vermin in the box for over a year now, I really need to think about getting them assembled and painted, along with a smattering of other skaven to round out my army and give me some good variety.

The problem with all these plans is that there is also rumored to be updates to 3 of the armies I play, Dwarfs for WHFB, and Orks and Imperial Guard for 40K.  Along with updates will come new models, so I'm sure I'll be chasing some of those down the rabbit hole as well.  So many new and cool models, along with my overwhelming collection, I've really got to get some of this under control.

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