Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ork Dakkajet

I picked up this model a while back with the intention of getting my orks up to speed for the current edition.  While getting them to be a competitive army isn't very easy in a world of screamer stars and taudar, I am enjoying putting together and painting some of the orks and vehicles.  As far as assembly goes, this is one of the easiest models that Games Workshop puts out in my opinion.  It had decent instructions for putting together variants and went together smoothly and easily.  I left the pilot and the cockpit loose for now to make painting easier, but will be gluing them in eventually when all the painting is finished.  I am kind of disappointed how the dakkajet fits on the flight stand, there isn't anything nice to attach to like on the vendetta I put together, just a hole that goes into the fuslage.

Once assembled I primbed the plane a dark blue and the cockpit and pilot black.  I then started applying the highlight blue to about 90% of the plane.  All the metal parts I hit with warplock bronze which is kind of an oiled bronze look that I will later layer on ironbreaker over to give a nice dirty metal look.  The nose is based in Celestra Grey and will eventually be painted with a checkered pattern to give the nose a bit of pop. 

More to come on this as I get it painted.

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