Friday, September 13, 2013

Squiggoth in the making

I purchased this model from Forge World back in 2007 when I went to Gamesday. Last month I finally decided it had need long enough and that I would put it together and get it painted and ready for the tabletop.

Right now I'm mainly going to concentrate on how I painted the skin of the beast.  After priming the entire model black, I went through and did the base colors for everything.  The skin looked to be the most difficult to reach so I decided to start there with getting some detail painted.  The process was actually very simple, using a base color of Caliban Green from GW, followed by a layer of Straken Green.  After that I covered it all with a heavy wash of Athonian Camoshade, which is what you see below.

After that, to bring some additional detail I did some highlighting across the top edge of each scale again with Straken Green.  It doesn't provide a huge punt of additional definition but I like the result, seen below.

I think this same method could be used on any lizardman or similar mini to get a fairly realistic scale effect.  Hope it works as well for you!

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