Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Painting the Ork Warboss from Black Reach

So it has been quite a long while since I have painted a Warhammer 40K ork, probably I would guess 2007. Maybe 2008. It's hard to remember, but the fact remains that I've not painted that distinct green flesh for too long. So long in fact that my previous paints that I used to use have all been replaced by Games Workshop. Twice.

But, I persevered and while needing a bit of a break from the squiggoth I decided to look through my orks and paint one, just on a whim. What I came across was actually a buried treasure that I had forgotten about, the ork Warboss from the assault on black reach box set. At some point I got him off the sprue and primed, but I guess I wasn't too interested in what turned out to be a very decent model. Aside from a few parts that didn't line up quite right in the powerklaw and the awkward position of the big shoota, I think this model shows a lot of promise. Still some highlighting and details to do, but I'm rather liking this model.

That's it for now check back later when he is finished and standing beside my other 3 Warboss models!

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