Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cool mini...or not?

So I decided to dip my proverbial toe in the water and start posting pictures of my work out on www.coolminiornot.com. I was super excited and even went into the process with realistic expectations of how my painting would likely be rated. The first day went great, it was fun to have pictures of my work out in such a public forum, and to check back periodically throughout the day to see how the ratings would change and how I thought a model would have a lower rating ended up higher and how a model I thought was better ended up lower, but whatever, it’s the interwebs.

So now the honeymoon is over. After my initial excitement with the 3 pictures I posted up, I was looking forward to posting a few more, so I got three ready and posted them last night. Now, granted my photography skills aren’t the greatest, and half of that is the equipment I’ll admit, but still the pictures came out clear, I did my best to crop and merge them in photoshop, and so I thought I was putting some decent work on display. But I’d be wrong.

Now, when judging models up on CMON I generally follow some simple guidelines, if a model looks like it would be decent on the tabletop, I give it a 5, if it’s on par with the work I do it gets a 7, and then 8, 9, and 10 are for the really nice stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, there are times I will judge something and then see its average rating and think, “man, maybe I was really off base there,” but that’s not very often. I’m usually within 1 whole number of the average score. Rarely would I hand out a 10, and even more rare would I hand out a 4 or lower.

Now, that being said, I look at my scores, and I can’t help but think that possibly people are far stricter of judges than I am, though initially I didn’t worry about it. My doomwheel, which I would say isn’t my best work but still a nice looking model, started off in the 7.0 range with close to 20 votes. I thought that was pretty awesome, as I would say that’s above average work. But then slowly over the last day the rating has continued to drop. So I think, “Let’s go look at other doomwheels for comparison”. That’s when the rose color glasses came off for me. Glancing through some of the other postings, I see work that I would say is either the same quality of mine with a higher rating, or a lower quality with the same rating.

So in a way, I should know that there will be people out there who would not call my work tabletop quality, and on a website that specializes in rating painted miniatures there would be plenty of people to rate me down. The take away from this is that if you are happy with how your miniature looks after it’s painted, that should be enough. If you want someone to tell you that your stuff looks amazing and that you are a first rate painter, call your mother. If you want someone to tell you that your stuff looks tacky, call my mother. And if you want an assessment of your painting skills by top professionals or those pretending to be, go to www.coolminiornot.com.

And if you want to give me 10’s on all my models, go to http://www.coolminiornot.com/browse/browseid/6713506.

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