Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back again!

Been a while, but I've been busy with the recent addition to our family born in May. Some current projects I have either been working on or finished are pictured here; 

My handiwork for nose art on the Vendetta.

Skaven Doomwheel that I finally finished after starting work on it in April. 

The custom ork wartrakk that I started back in the summer of 2009, and was orginally part of getting this blog going.  I sat on the shelf for a number of year, went into storage, moved with me to California, and now I'm finally getting around to getting it worked up.  Still need to add a gun mount of some sort, and so I'm working on that when my time brings me around to this project.

I bought this Forgeworld Squiggoth back at Gamesday 2007, got it home, opened the box, pulled out the huge model, and then promptly put it away again, where it stayed until about 2 weeks ago when I decided that I needed to re-tool my 40K Ork army.  Not sure how much table time it will see, but I still need to get it painted for my own satisfaction.

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