Saturday, September 21, 2013

All my Warbosses through the years

I started playing Warhammer 40,000 in 2003, and Orks was my first army.  It was pretty much necessary to take a warboss back in 3rd edition, so on the left you see my first ever warboss.  He's gone through a couple different weapon selections and poses, and was actually painted by a friend of mine Shaun Rice in Topeka, KS, who was at the time trying to get a commision painting business going and made me a good deal on the model.  I actually had to glue him back together for this picture, he'd suffered some damage in the last move, but fortunately no parts got lost and his paint was pretty well intact.  He's equiped with a power klaw and big choppa, which was the perfect build in 3rd and even 4th editions for a warboss.  I put a patch of green stuff on his head to represent the cybork body.  A lot of green stuff was used to get a dynamic pose, but looking back I wish I'd done something more with the legs too. 
Next in line is the warboss that was actually converted from a IG Ogryn.  It has the big shooter off of the first warboss and a powerclaw from an old rogue trader badmoon boss Nazdreg.  The head is off a black ork and the power line, representing the cybork body powers the power klaw.  Pretty simple model to make, had to do some green stuff to pose both arms, and bulk out the neck a bit to fit the head.  Turned out okay, but I feel like I should go back through and re-paint the skin.
The third ork warboss was the easiest of them all, came straight from the assualt on black reach box, so what you see is what you get.  Big shooter and powerclaw, plus plenty of modeling for a cybork body. 
Lastly is the Ghazghkull Thraka model that a friend of mine picked up at a swap meet and gave to me as a birthday gift one year.  It's missing a few bits, but otherwise will work nicely for either Ghazghkull or just a mega armor warboss.

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