Thursday, June 7, 2012

Painting Dwarf Skin

So next up I decided to paint the skin all the dwarfs, which like many models doesn't involve much, but on Dwarfs involves even less due to the large beard covering a majority of their face.  I start with an old Vellejo paint that I've had for so long that the actual name has been worn off the bottle, so we'll just call it, medium skin tone.  I get a good base going, which in this case since I use black primer takes 2 coats.
The old style dwarfs, which I'm painting, are pretty ham-fisted, which while un-pleasant, isn't that noticeable once you get the rest of the dwarf painted.  The face, while small, is still an important feature on the model so a nice skin tone goes a long way to giving it some depth.  I'm not going for a pro-painted look by any means, but I am definitely going for a good tabletop quality.

Next up is a coating of chestnut ink, which will make the model look rather horrific while you are doing it, but don't sweat, it will improve with the next coats.
Finally I use another Vellejo color that I've had for ages, so lets just call it light skin tone.  I generally try to do a combination of dry brushing and highlighting with this step.
 This gives a nice depth to the face as well as distinguishing the gianormous fingers. 
Next up I'll start doing the cloth and trim, followed by the beards, weapon, and cleanup.

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