Saturday, June 16, 2012

Painting Dwarf Beards

My process for painting beards starts with randomizing which dwarfs get which color of beard.  I usually use a d6 and a list of easily painted hair colors and pick out each dwarf individually and determine which hair color is going to be randomly assigned to each one.
1. Black 2. Blond 3. Light Brown 4. Dark brown(brunette) 5. Red 6. Gray

My randomization didn't work out quite like I have hoped and I ended up with a lot in the light brown and red, and not many in any other color so I had to redistribute a few models to balance things out, so after randomization there are at least 2 models for each hair color.

The paints that I use for each are going to be a mixed naming convention because I've upgraded a few of my colors to the new GW paint line while still having a number that are from the old paint line. 

1. Black - Base Abaddon Black; Drybrush Codex Gray
2. Blond - Base Zamesi Desert; Drybrush Bleached Bone
3. Light Brown - Base Bestial Brown; Drybrush Zamesi Desert
4. Dark Brown - Base Rhinox Hide; Drybrush Bestial Brown
5. Red - Base Blazing Orange; Drybrush Fiery Orange (good color scheme for Slayers also)
6. Gray - Base Codex Gray; Drybrush White Scar

The results:

From left to right; Blond, Light Brown, Dark Brown

From left to right; Black, Red, Gray

Fortunately for me this unit is just about ready for battle.  I've got a little bit of work to do on the weapon still, along with going through and doing some final cleanup and touch-ups to each individual model, but right now I wouldn't feel bad fielding these guys in battle, they have come a long way and are looking pretty good.

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