Monday, June 25, 2012

Hammer Time!

One of the best units for dwarfs in WHFB is the hammerers.  They are stubborn, have great weapons, WS 5, St 4, and have the Bodyguard special rule.  Unfortunately they are expensive metal models at $25 for 5!  So in order to save a little money for my fellow dwarf players, here is a quick tutorial on how to model up some hammers as great weapons for some cheap hammerers as an alternative to sinking lots of money into metal models that are all the same pose and have generally the same looking hammer.

First, take the great weapon axes from the sprue and cut off the axe head while leaving plenty of shaft so you and have what looks like a sledge hammer.

Next you'll need something to make a hammer head with, which can be any shape you can imagine, just so long as it's flat on one end.  Here are a couple of shapes I threw together last minute, one from a round 1/4" piece of plastic rod, the other from a piece of square tubing.

The square tubing was more of a challenge given that I had to plug both ends and make it look more like a hammer.

After both ends were capped with flat pieces of plastic, I was able to mount and embellish the hammers some, adding little bits of detail to make them less boring. 

An important note is the direction in which the hammer head is facing relative to the shaft, you will want the head of the hammer positioned on the model as though they might actually be about to swing said hammer as opposed to looking like they just picked up the hammer to carry it somewhere.

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