Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So it's only been close to 3 years since my last  Thought I would dust off the blog since a lot has changed in 3 years.  To catch you up, I've got 2 children now instead of one, and from here on out I'll be living in Sacramento, CA.  Same job, just a transfer, which works out well for being closer to family along with being the motivating factor to bring me back into gaming.  I never really left, but set aside my 40K and Fantasy armies due to a short supply of gamers locally at the time, along with some rules changes and perceptions of how GW was wanting to encourage power gaming and had slowly drifted away from the modeling and painting aspects of the hobby. 

So my re-emergence is a good sign, not only will I be picking up at least WHFB, but will also (in time) break out some of my 40K armies, along with starting a Warmachine army in the near future. 

The picture quality of what I post over the next few months will likely not be great due to posting primarily from my phone.  This is what I've dug out of storage to start playing around with while we are in temporary quarters and looking for a house.  Mostly paints, modeling tools, dice, rule books, codexes, a bloodbowl team, some dwarfs, D&D materials, and some other stuff I felt like dragging along. 

Looking forward to regenerating some of my old skills!

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