Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hammer of Khador begins!

I went down to Olde World Games to get started with warmachine.  The folks over at had convinced me that the 2 player battle box was the way to go, so I put one on order.  Since I couldn't leave empty handed I decided to pick up the Winter Guard Lieutenant and Standard UA and get back to some modeling.
So with models in hand I tore open the blister and pulled out my new minis for clean-up and inspection.  I learned long ago to give models a good washing to remove any remaining mold release compound which will make any modeling/gluing/painting a bit more difficult.
I started with some fairly straight forward gluing, followed by a little greenstuff work in order to personalize the models a bit.  I decided that the Lieutenant needed some braids and some longer hair in back.  My GS skills are still catching up to the 3 years I haven't been doing much modeling or gaming but it's like riding a bike.

I followed this up with adding some embellishment to the standard bearer, who I thought needed a big bushy beard, and then added the hammer symbol to the standard.  The hammer will appear wherever I think I can find room to put it on, such as shoulder pads.

Sorry for the somewhat poor photos, I'll hopefully get something set up soon so that I can take some clearer pictures other than the cell phone.

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