Saturday, May 19, 2012

More hammer time!

My 2 player battle box arrived a bit earlier than anticipated from Olde World Games so I decided to start working on the Khador half since I'm trying to sell the Menoth half.  I got a little crazy with the green stuff today, I mixed up more than I realized and decided that rather then to let it go to waste I would work out a few extra details on my Khador Warjacks that I'm working on.

At first it started fairly simple, a hammer here, a skull there,
But quickly got more involved as I decided to add a Khador symbol and some battle damage to one of the jacks.  The Khador symbol isn't too hard, but I decided that I need a lot more practice sculpting before I make another attempt.  Dusting off my green stuff skills is taking a bit longer than I anticipated.

I'm still pleased with how the sculpting turned out, I think these jacks are going to be nicely unique to my army, and as you can tell by the hammer on the right above, I'm getting better at scuplting hammers, so that will help when I have to start making them smaller.

Thats it for now, I'm still working up some test painting for an army scheme, just need to get the colors and highlights where I would like them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hammer of Khador begins!

I went down to Olde World Games to get started with warmachine.  The folks over at had convinced me that the 2 player battle box was the way to go, so I put one on order.  Since I couldn't leave empty handed I decided to pick up the Winter Guard Lieutenant and Standard UA and get back to some modeling.
So with models in hand I tore open the blister and pulled out my new minis for clean-up and inspection.  I learned long ago to give models a good washing to remove any remaining mold release compound which will make any modeling/gluing/painting a bit more difficult.
I started with some fairly straight forward gluing, followed by a little greenstuff work in order to personalize the models a bit.  I decided that the Lieutenant needed some braids and some longer hair in back.  My GS skills are still catching up to the 3 years I haven't been doing much modeling or gaming but it's like riding a bike.

I followed this up with adding some embellishment to the standard bearer, who I thought needed a big bushy beard, and then added the hammer symbol to the standard.  The hammer will appear wherever I think I can find room to put it on, such as shoulder pads.

Sorry for the somewhat poor photos, I'll hopefully get something set up soon so that I can take some clearer pictures other than the cell phone.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So it's only been close to 3 years since my last  Thought I would dust off the blog since a lot has changed in 3 years.  To catch you up, I've got 2 children now instead of one, and from here on out I'll be living in Sacramento, CA.  Same job, just a transfer, which works out well for being closer to family along with being the motivating factor to bring me back into gaming.  I never really left, but set aside my 40K and Fantasy armies due to a short supply of gamers locally at the time, along with some rules changes and perceptions of how GW was wanting to encourage power gaming and had slowly drifted away from the modeling and painting aspects of the hobby. 

So my re-emergence is a good sign, not only will I be picking up at least WHFB, but will also (in time) break out some of my 40K armies, along with starting a Warmachine army in the near future. 

The picture quality of what I post over the next few months will likely not be great due to posting primarily from my phone.  This is what I've dug out of storage to start playing around with while we are in temporary quarters and looking for a house.  Mostly paints, modeling tools, dice, rule books, codexes, a bloodbowl team, some dwarfs, D&D materials, and some other stuff I felt like dragging along. 

Looking forward to regenerating some of my old skills!