Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More orky work

Well, it's been a while but I've finally got a chance to work on the looted wagon/trukk some more tonight so the next thing is to update the ol' blog with some new info. Firstly, I found a set of wheels that I really liked and thought fit the theme of the orks, and, well, they were shiny, can't go wrong. Thanks to a hotwheels monster making the crucial sacrifice, I was able to fit this baby out with the latest in chrome wheels and high tech rubber.
The next part I wanted to get at least started was the re-inforced ram, which is an essential on trukks since it adds +2 to the front armor during a ram, which I do every once in a while just to keep the tau players a little skitish around and empty trukk. It's not as bulky as I would like it so I'll be adding some additional reinforcement and maybe some spikes across the top and sides to make it more menacing.
Since any ork worth his salt these days is a deff skull, I thought I would put the appropriate glyph on the front of the cab so that there isn't any confusion as to which clan would actually loot a vehicle. But why go small when you could actually have an ork looking out the eye of the skull while barrelling across the battle field to deliver his payload of boyz and pain? Thus a giant skull is required to show all dem otha boyz whoz da ardest and da killiest.
So here is what I've go the vehicle looking like so far, I've got a ton of rivets to add, some smaller armor plates, along with fenders, doors, guns, glyphs, and gubbins. I count myself as being around half way done, and it's shaping up nicely which puts a smile on the face of every nob in the mob.

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