Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wartrukk part deux...

So, the last you saw of this project it was stalled out while I waited for the engine to arrive from ebay. I built the roll cage during that time, but really didn't feel it was worthy of it's own blog, so I'll just mention that yes, it's new. I decided to go with the ork trukk engine because I like the look of it and it will help bring the model into tournament legal, or at least that's my hope.
Note the custom exhaust built in. I really like the look of dual exhaust pipes and think that GW missed the mark by doing the exhaust the way they did. Then again, as a mechanic and high performance engine enthusiast, my criticism of GW's engines could go on much further, but would probably bore you. Suffice to say, I'm glad that GW is sticking with making models, not cars.

I started work on the cab of my vehicle. I was advised by a friend to make something that would look more like a cab-over trukk, something you my see on a cargo trukk or delievery van around town. Not being opposed to the idea I decided to try it out. I think it has potential, but it's hard to tell until I can add some rivets and bits to make it look a little more like a cab and less like a box. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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