Monday, August 10, 2009

Attack of the Moors!

I've been working on my IG army lately since I'm still waiting on some bits I ordered for the ork trukk that I've been scratch building. My goal was to create a system that would be quick to paint a large number of models and still have them look nice in the end. I've never used the "dip" method, so I figured I would try that. I also have a limited amount of time to paint so I wanted a paintjob that could be done without too many colors or complicated processes such as blending, subtle highlights, or lining.
The army I'm painting is similiar to Tallarn's only based off the Moor's of North Africa, hence the dark skin. So I wanted a paint scheme that would look at home in the desert and ruins of desert style dwellings.
So, starting with the primed model I'll take you through the process.
Above: I used a Krylon brown primer to prime and basecoat my models.
This is immediately after the dip. I used a combination of black ink, a GW wash, and water.

This is what the model looked like after the dip had a chance to dry, which took a few hours, but I waited about a day before I was able to paint anyway.

The dip brings out some nice detail even on this simple 2-peice guardsman model.

Here is the first dry-brush on the cloth areas, I used Vermin Brown.

Here is the next drybrush using Snakebite Leather.

The hands and face were painted with Scorched Brown, the imperial insignia is painted with Chainmail, and the lasgun parts were painted with Chaos Black.

A quick black ink on the insignia parts, some flesh wash on the skin areas, and a little Bleached Bone on the teeth and the model is essentially finished. Easy as that.

To embarass myself I decided to show off my freehand work on the shoulder squad designation.
And once the base is finished this soldier is ready to join his squad, after a quick spray of Testor's Dullcoat.

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