Monday, May 11, 2009

Da' Grots

Well, it's been almost a month since my previous post, and in the time in between I've been busy with my new responsibility as a father. So you might say I've got a little grot of my own running around now which has rather diminished my gaming and modeling time. But hopefully over the next few months that will change.

So, on to the grots.

With the current edition (5th) of Warhammer 40,000, grots have once again topped my list of units worth taking, and I'll list a few of the useful reasons here for investing in a unit or two of grots.

Strictly speaking, if you are taking an ork army that is mainly mounted grots won't really play much of a role other than to stand on some objectives or harass the enemy. Be cautious using them if you are running a mechanized listed because they are easy to kill and do count for kill points.

In a foot-slogger army they are essential because they allow for a cover save if the enemy has to shoot through them to a unit behind. This grants a 4+ save to the unit behind, and unlike the previous edition of the ork codex, you don't lose any grots as casualties. So, since your opponent may not like that, they could possibly try and eliminate the grot unit, which, lets be honest, who cares if they are killing your 3 point models? Conversely, try not to run grots in front of lootas or shoota boyz as your opponent will then get the 4+ cover save, so they are best run in front of close combat units like nobs or slugga boyz.

Another benefit is that since the grots count as a troop choice, that means they can hold onto objectives. Grots are great at making a last minute run to an objective, or camping an objective that is in cover, so keep this in mind when placing your objectives. The down side to this can be that during a game where kill points is the goal, grots die or flee easily and still count toward kill points.

The downside to running grots is that for every 10 you need a runtherd. Not too much of a negative compared to the benefits offered, and this can be avoided by running them in packs of 15 or so. Be sure to keep in mind the squighound which allows you to re-roll a failed leadership or moral test. Also, don't underestimate the ability of grots to succeed in close combat. Even if they all die, but take down a few models in return, likely they will still make up more than their points in causualties.

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