Sunday, April 12, 2009

Plastic Nobs

I've found that likely the most versatile and deadly unit in the current edition of the ork army is the unit of Nobs. I generally don't play a game without at least one unit of them on the field, because they are very functional, can be built for very low points if necessary, and indeed can weather a lot of abuse. So, for today's post I'm going to discuss how I use the Nob unit in my army as well as post a few pictures of some newly assembled nobs and why I built them the way I did.
The Nobs can be run as an elite choice in the ork army, or a troop choice if you are running a warboss as a HQ. The unit can take anywhere from 3 to 10 nobs, and can choose all kinds of weaponry that is fitting of a high powered unit. As you can see I've built my box of 5 Nobs to have 3 Power Klaws and 2 with big choppas. The 3 with powerclaws were also choosen to have bosspoles so they could fill in as Nobs that lead other units of orks and use the bosspole to get them back in line. The best part about equiping a unit of Nobs is that you can run them off the shelf so to speak for low cost and minimal gear and they are still a great unit. I tend toward dropping some additional gear on them to help them survive and make them a better all around unit. One thing that anyone running nobs should consider is placing a painboss(not pictured) within the unit to give them the benefit of feel-no-pain special rule which makes an increadible difference when launching an assualt against any army.

An ideal unit that I choose to run usually has 7 to 10 nob, a painboss, and all the orks wearing the 'eavy armor. Then I usually take two powerclaws, and fill out the rest (aside from the painboss) with big choppas. I drop these in a truck that has a red paint job and ram on the front and the goal is to get them effectively to the enemy within the first 2 turns. If I have points to spare and need them to hold up to additional abuse, I'll equip them with cybork bodies which lends a 5+ invulnerable save to the unit, but costs quite a bit so I don't run that very fequently. To top off a larger unit, generally 10 nobs or more, I'll throw in a Waaagh banner for the benefit of higher weaponskill especially again enemies that will have higher weapon skill than 4 such as daemons, tyrinnids, and chaos.

And as I modeled the Nobs, the important part of any good looking model is to place the head as though it looks natural in whichever direction you choose to have it look. This model will likely be one that I do a quick painting tutorial on as I work on painting some of my new ork models. Until then, happy hunting.

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